How can we help you?

Managing your personal finances is ultimately your responsibility but you don't have to do it alone. At Wealth by Design, LLC, we can help you make decisions and implement strategies that make the most of your financial resources

How do you know if you could benefit from our services?

  • You may not have the time or desire to actively plan your long-range finances.
  • You may not have the expertise to choose and manage your investments.
  • You may benefit from a professional second opinion on difficult decisions.

At Wealth by Design, LLC, we are Certified Financial Planner® professionals. As CFP® professional's we have completed rigorous education and testing and have an ethical duty to act in your interests first, not ours.

We offer two kinds of financial planning:

  1. Comprehensive financial planning. This is a multi-step process:
    • First we gather information about you and your current financial situation, next we
    • Identify, clarify and prioritize your financial and personal goals,
    • Develop a realistic and comprehensive course of action to meet your goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on your financial strengths,
    • Implement your plan using the financial tools most appropriate for your situation, and
    • Offer a periodic check-up meeting to monitor your plan's progress and adjust your goals and strategies in response to changing personal circumstances, new tax laws and new appropriate products.
  2. Project based financial planning.Often a specific event or need will trigger the need for professional planning. These might include:
    • Saving enough for retirement,
    • Determining how to best withdraw funds during retirement,
    • Handling an inheritance,
    • Choosing the best employment or separation package
    • Buying a home,
    • Planning a marriage, divorce or new addition to your family,
    • Facing a financial crisis such as a serious illness, death of a spouse or unemployment,
    • Caring for aging parents,
    • Funding education, or
    • Developing a plan to pass your assets on.

At Wealth by Design, LLC we want to be your financial partner. Whatever your needs, we believe planning should be done in the context of your overall personal and financial situation, not just based on one isolated need. Please contact us to see if we can help you.